Mobile-first, data driven products



Experienced with integrating into legacy backend systems like banking systems, retailer transactional systems, sensor databases, etc.


  • Data storage (Database)
  • Domain Logic & business rules
  • Data Analysis algorithms and Machine Learning models
  • Messaging and data flow at scale
  • Java, Node.js , python


Experienced at building API's for both mobile and web frontends.


  • Mobile
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Native iOS and Android
  • Hybrid with Ionic, Angular & Cordova
  • Web with Angular

Industry examples

We humanise technology, build the face of connected products.

Insights from data generated by connected devices and sensors through machine learning and useful visualisation of the data

Examples :

  • Optimising preventative maintenance through machine learning model on data from machine sensors
  • Prediction of worker and customer behaviour through machine learning on measured data
  • Prediction of health outcomes and risk factors using machine learning on health metrics from wearables and other health devices
  • Mobile interface between wearables sensors and the user
  • Interface to medical devices