Keeping little humans safe

Snuza is a dynamic company that specializes in the development and manufacture of bio-sensory electronic devices that enable today’s parents to care for their children more effectively. They were looking for a new partner to develop their Android app and it needed to go live within 6 months. Polymorph stepped up to the challenge.

The Snuza ecosystem was designed around users needing to sign up through the web portal and it was through this web portal that users would get access to fine-grained data. This ecosystem required a mobile device to act as a link between the child’s wearable device and the backend, as well as to display useful, live data to the user.

The project was to create a reliable android app to provide parents with relevant data fed from the wearable device, called the Pico, worn by their child. The solution needed to scale well for any number of children, and for new additional data streams that might be added in the future.

The team went through a number of iterative design sessions, while simultaneously figuring out the best tech solution for reliably connecting with the device.

Technical challenges

  • A number of technical challenges were faced by the team, including lack of documentation for project components and working with 3rd parties.
  • The software we built picks up data from the wearable device, passes it through a rest api to their web backend, and then uses a socket connection to send data back to the app.

Team achievements

  • The visual development of the UI has been incorporated into the Snuza visual identity, including a revised icon set, colour scheme and the Snuza Connect logo.
“Polymorph rose to this complex challenge, pushing forward through each new problem that the process uncovered and came up with a fantastic, useful and stable product.” Snuza