A smart, user-centered approach

  • We get to know our clients, identifying why they need a software solution.

    We kick off with a product workshop for all stakeholders to share domain knowledge, create a product strategy, set goals and set the development vision.

  • Then we define who we’re building the product for and how they’ll use it.

    We take what we learn in the product workshop and we develop the information architecture, map out the user flows and create feature sets.

  • We build wireframes and prototype.

    For speed and agility we build rough layouts and guidelines within an actual live prototype which you can put through its paces on your phone.

  • We regularly test our assumptions.

    With the help of user focused research, we ensure that the products we create answer the challenge it is grounded in.

We aim for product release that is useful for a specific segment of your market.

We know that cost, scope and time all factor into the successful delivery of a product. To give you a better understanding of how these factors will influence your product, have a look at the packages below:

Minimum Viable Product

We build a fully functional app, validating the most important product assumptions. This low-risk approach gives you opportunity to validate business decisions and consider further development. An MVP is aimed at early adopters, not your whole market.

Development time

3 – 4 months

Leased Product

This platform is specialized to making workflow-type apps easy to develop. This type of solution provides a comprehensive set of pre-built components, but with very little customization.

Development time

1 – 2 months +

Premium Product

With additional focus on every detail, a premium product pulls out all the stops. It works smoothly, delights your users and should be a critical part of your business. This product is aimed at capturing your complete market.

Development time

7 months +


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