Business Continuity
Planning & Automation Tool

to streamline business continuity planning

Accelerate business continuity planning by converting manual BC processes into intelligent, automated workflows.

Cloud-Based Business Continuity Planning and Automation Tool for the SME/SMB

Streamline your business continuity planning across any vertical as the BCP is now a live, cloud-based system.

Business Process Automation with the Push of a Button  

Accelerates business continuity planning by converting manual BC processes into intelligent, automated workflows. In line with SO 22301 standards, Plan4Continuity combines the 5 most important elements of continuity planning – people, assets, services, locations and vendors/suppliers to, make up the cornerstone of the organization’s business continuity ecosystem.

Plan4Continuity automates the whole process of creating, activating, reporting and simulating business continuity plans into a single cloud-based application.

The P4C Workflow: Automate, Orchestrate, Audit, Report 



    Many business continuity processes are still conducted manually rendering them prone to human error. Plan4Continuity streamlines and automates business continuity processes into a single cloud-based application, converts manual and outdated BC processes to intelligent, automated workflows and so foster a culture of resilience within the organization and, ultimately, accelerate BC planning



    Plan4Continuity complies with ISO 22301 standards and combines the 5 most important elements of continuity planning namely: people, assets, services, locations, and vendors/suppliers. It makes use of industry-leading methods to ensure BC planning is effortless and repeatable for every organization regardless of size or industry.



    Streamline audit management and boost accountability. Plan4Continuity provides a comprehensive framework to oversee the entire audit lifecycle – create, store audit plans, and track audit history. Further, improve external audit readiness with an ISO 22301 aligned system.



    Plan4Continuity’s reporting tool is accessible from the same platform where business continuity plans are developed and assessed and incidents managed. This allows you to leverage the data-rich content of the platform to provide real-time, easy to interpret feedback and improve real-time decision-making


    Cloud technology

    Encrypted data protection, redundancy and 24/7 availability even on remote devices are made possible with state-of-the-art technology. 


    Simple to use

    A smart and user-friendly design with no need for additional hardware infrastructure.


    Works on multiple devices

    Want to work remotely? P4C works across multiple devices and platforms. Software installation is not required.


    Fast communication

    A reactive system that responds instantaneously. Flexible, resilient and message driven. 



    Different packages are available from SME/SMB to enterprise level. Many free features to choose from including 20+ continuity templates. 


    Built on ISO 22301

    Leveraging ISO 22301 principles for business continuity to ensure compliance.

    Manage a live disruptive event quickly and efficiently

    A live disruptive event can be managed efficiently across multiple locations and with several teams. 

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    Build your Business Continuity plans with minimal effort

    Plan4Continuity eanbles you to build your plans using the latest innovative cloud technologies. You can access your plans from any internet connected device at any time.

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    Continuously control and improve your Business Continuity plans

    The setup of your disaster recovery plans requires management. Your plans need to be regularly simulated, scheduled and audited. Compliance requirements can be improved, tested and met. 

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