Stage2Data and Pivot3

Stage2Data partners with Pivot3 to bring our clients DataFlex and LegalFlex

Stage2Data partners with Pivot3, pioneer and innovator of hyperconverged infrastructure

Who is Pivot3

As a pioneer and innovator of hyperconverged infrastructure, Pivot3 was founded on the idea that the traditional data center could be radically simplified by unifying storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources into a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution that reduces costs, IT complexity, and organizational risk. Today, Pivot3 has more than 2,200 customers in 53 countries with over 18,000 successful deployments.

What is Pivot3?

Due to a series of intelligent optimizations that make Pivot3’s architecture inherently unique – end users across all workloads and use cases benefit from higher levels of availability and fault tolerance – which prevents against data loss and ensures business continuity.

While most other hyperconverged vendors rely on resource-intensive, hardware-based replication, Pivot3 uses erasure coding to distribute data across the system ensuring maximum performance and resiliency are always maintained.

This aggregated resource distribution for virtual storage and compute provides increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines, industry-leading usable storage capacity, and scales out linearly with each added node. All of this is easily managed through a single user interface, seamless VMware integration, and comes pre-configured with straightforward management capabilities that are self-optimizing, self-monitoring and self-healing.

Perfect Forrester Awards

Forrester awards Pivot3 perfect scores, the highest designation in the repor for high availability and data protection, manageability and ease of operations, and client feedback on support quality.

Download The Forrester Wave™: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), Q3 2016 Report

About Pivot3

Pivot3 is unique. Their architecture is fundamentally different than traditional infrastructure and replication-based hyperconverged providers, and more advanced than legacy storage technologies. They deploy intelligent compute and storage infrastructure solutions to maximize the value of minimum resources, ensure uninterrupted business operations and guarantee application performance levels.

Through a dynamic combination of hyperconverged infrastructure and PCIe flash arrays, Pivot3 dramatically simplifies the data center with increased agility, sensible economics and a seamless end-user experience. Pivot3’s patented vSTAC OS and Quality of Service (QoS) provide essential platforms for converged management that prioritize application data and workloads according to business value and eliminate IT complexity.


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Why HCI?

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