Peace of mind with our dedicated team working beside you with Canadian 24/7 support


We are a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP/carrier).

We offer a holistic solution including infrastructure, storage and replication as well as complete network recovery with almost zero RPO and RTO. We have team that is ready to respond 24/7. We are a one-stop-shop solutions provider obviating the need for multiple third-party providers.

Support 24/7/365
Competitive Pricing
Fully Compliant Deployment
Fully Managed Infrastructure

Is my cloud on Canadian or North American soil?

It is probably a good idea to find out where your data resides. For complete peace of mind, you will always have our dedicated team working alongside you with Canadian 24/7 support.

Backend infrastructure upgraded by adding MPLS

We have upgraded our backend infrastructure by adding multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) layer 2 connectivity. MPLS enables both enterprises and service providers to construct intelligent, next-generation networks that can deliver advanced and value-added services using a single infrastructure.

This means that by using MPLS, your IP address will remain constant should a complete network failure occur. Our new offering allows fibre optic connectivity between offices spread across Canada and North America, connecting to all data centres, offering lower latency, high-quality links by partnering with the best fibre providers for point-to-point or multi-point connections.


Hosting – All the benefits of the cloud without the painful migrations!


Starting from 1 employee to hundreds of employees, our pricing and hosting options scale to give you the best value for your money.


Eliminate 3-5 year hardware upgrade cycle and related maintenance and capital costs. Flexible expansion; easily scale with your growth.

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