File Archiving

File Archiving-as-a-Service (FAaaS)


Low-cost storage for less frequently accessed files, requiring long term retention (for less than AZURE and AWS)

Archive less frequently accessed files

Users can access on-prem and cloud data seamlessly

Secure S3 object storage

Object locking – write once, ready many with long term deletion protection

Always beat Azure and AWS pricing due to no ingress and egress fees

Reduce backup costs by 25% to 50%

Find out how you can reduce monthly cost by moving your files to Stage2Data’s cloud archive.

Stage2Data’s core File Archiving offering


Stage2Data’s FAaaS solution can connect with many other file repositories making it easy and effective to identify unused files from your file shares and content repositories and archive eligible files from on-prem to a unified repository in the cloud. It includes archival options for most major backup solutions e.g. Cohesity as a Service and VEEAM as a Service

FAaaS includes data validation to ensure files are completely migrated and the option to automatically purge from source to ensure that migrated data is purged post archiving.


As your organization grows, it is easy to add additional users incrementally and are provisioned on demand. There is no limit on the amount or volume of emails that can be stored for each user. Furthermore, Stage2Data’s FAaaS is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet, it is accessible to users wherever they are located and on whatever device they are using.


There is no need to provide any hardware or infrastructure which means most of the upfront capital expenses of implementing an archiving solution can be avoided with IT spend now becoming an operational expense.


Offloading these archive files and data to the Stage2Data cloud saves local storage capacity and lightens the load on infrastructure while being readily available when required. It reduces the size of backups which has a huge cost saving implication.


Onboarding Cohesity Improves Stage2Data’s Top And Bottom Lines

Enterprises are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to accelerate cloud adoption and improve the innovative solutions they offer. We realised that we required a comprehensive data management platform with multitenant features and robust security to grow our as-a-service offering. Consequently, a new technology partner had to come on board that could ensure rapid virtual machine recovery while remaining flexible in its approach. We have onboarded Cohesity’s comprehensive data management platform to grow our as-a-service offering and improve our top and bottom lines.

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