eBook Launch: Comprehensive Guide to Phishing for Business Professionals

Phishing continues to be the most common form of cyber-attack due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and high return on investment. It has evolved from its early days of tricking people with scams of Nigerian princes and requests for emergency medical treatment to sophisticated and targeted attacks that are increasingly difficult to spot.

Our eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to Phishing for Business Professionals, introduces phishing, what it is, and how it works in part 2. It highlights the difference between phishing and other forms of cyberattacks and how easy it has become to launch a phishing attack even without substantial technical skills.

Part 3 lists the types of phishing and briefly explains each.

Following part 3, the eBook moves on to discuss, at the hand of recent statistics, the damage that phishing can cause to your business. It points out that the damage is typically most severe on productivity, reputation, and the loss of data.

Part 5 provides tips on how to spot phishing before you fall victim to it. It includes adequately training employees to spot a potential phishing attack, monitoring and providing guidance on browsing habits, implemented a coordinated and layered approach to security and keeping abreast of the ever-evolving phishing threat.

Our eBook concludes with tips how to protect your business against phishing including preventing phishing emails to reach users in the first place, regularly updating your software, training employees on safe practices, using two-step verification and conducting mock phishing attacks.

Download our eBook now to share with your staff and make sure you stay ahead of the next phishing attack:

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