Information Rights Management,

Unrestricted & Unlimited document privacy


Stay in CONTROL of your data

Decide in real time who can access information, when and what type of access (read, print, edit, etc.), avoiding possible leaks of information and the corresponding loss of reputation or money.

Unlimited File Formats

All popular file extensions are supported even custom applications…

Seamless Integration

Share your files through any channel. Email, USB device, uploading to the cloud…

Community Management

Remove access to any protected data no matter where they are and with…

File Classification

Define the classification levels of your documents, data, files …


Analyze Data

Check the file activity log and change permissions when you want. You can check the activity log to see who has accessed your document, and change permissions even after the file has been distributed.

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Protection of Data

Protect documents (PDF, Word, Excel…), texts, video, audio, images and more …

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Control Access

Decide who can access your protected file, when and what they are allowed to do with it. Read, Edit, Print, Screen Capture…

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Classification of Data

Protect documents (PDF, Word, Excel…), texts, video, audio or images.

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Managing Your Data
Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

One or more administrators can manage permissions for all company data, documents, export reports, block users and their permissions, create work groups etc…

“Controldox is the swiss army knife for protecting your data and files”

– Marcus Steinbock

World class support and professional services

We provide 24/7 world-class technical support whenever you want to address any issue you may have with our product. Choose our professional services to benefit from the best threat prevention solution for your company.

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