Business Continuity Planning as a Service

Business Continuity Planning-as-a-Service (BCPaaS)


Accelerate business continuity planning by converting manual BC processes into intelligent, automated workflows.

Not another inefficient and costly paper-based BCP

Access to a cost-effective platform

Built for the mature organization to help keep businesses running during any disruptive event

Instant response when disaster strikes or a cyberattack is launched

Built-in communications with multiple transmission options

Streamlined business continuity planning across any vertical

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Stage2Data’s core DR offering


Many business continuity processes are still conducted manually rendering them prone to human error. Stage2Data’s BCPaaS solution streamlines and automates business continuity processes into a single cloud-based application, converts manual and outdated BC processes to intelligent, automated workflows and so foster a culture of resilience within the organization and, ultimately, accelerate BC planning.


Streamline audit management and boost accountability. BCPaaS provides a comprehensive framework to oversee the entire audit lifecycle – create, store audit plans, and track audit history. Further, improve external audit readiness with an ISO 22301 aligned system.


Our solution complies with ISO 22301 standards and combines the 5 most important elements of continuity planning namely: people, assets, services, locations, and vendors/suppliers. It makes use of industry-leading methods to ensure BC planning is effortless and repeatable for every organization regardless of size or industry.


The built-in reporting tool is accessible from the same platform where business continuity plans are developed and assessed, and incidents managed. This allows you to leverage the data-rich content of the platform to provide real-time, easy to interpret feedback and improve real-time decision-making.


Premier real estate and construction company automates employee pre-screening across multiple sites with Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces

The one global challenge that will always be present during a pandemic is how to ensure a healthy workforce and protect staff, clients, and visitors from contracting the virus. Minto Group, a premier real estate company with a fully integrated real estate investment, development and management platform with branches in Canada and the United States, faced an additional challenge: their operations and workforce are spread across various real estate buildings, construction sites, residential homes and traditional office buildings. It was particularly challenging to implement a seamless, automated pre-screening solution across their various premises. Nevertheless, Stage2Data implemented Plan4Continuity’s Pre-screening Tool for Workplaces across all Minto’s premises which included approximately 100 people-plans and about 150 unique QR codes.

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