Finally! The New Way To Completely Automate Your Active Shooter Response Plan In Under 3 Days Guaranteed!

Finally … A Fast And Effective Way To Automate Your Active Shooter Response Plan!

The full scope of gun violence, including active shooter events, is immense. One thing is clear: Active shooter events do not discriminate – the goal of an active shooter is to kill or attempt to kill people in a populated area such as schools, workplaces, houses of worship, transportation centers, and communities. And, in the wake of the latest active shooter event, you might be looking for ways to ensure your employees are safe as fast as possible in the event of an active shooter being on your premises.

While the goal of business continuity management is to prevent incidents from occurring, sometimes incidents cannot be planned for or prevented and the objective becomes first, responding to and second, minimizing the impact and causal damage of an active shooter event. At Stage2Data, we help human resources- and safety and security managers to completely automate their active shooter response plans within 3 days.

Simply Follow Our Blueprint To Success and Avoid The Risk Of Paper-Based, Manual Response Plans!

Automating your active shooter response plan means you have a panic button you can push (either on your mobile device or laptop) to trigger a live active shooter response plan. It will automatically notify preselected people to action specific tasks at a specific time and place and immediately notify a response team. When activated, it fires off a step-by-step incident plan that can include, for example, relaying critical information to building occupants through the built-in broadcast function. Additionally, after each incident, an automated, detailed post-incident report is sent to all relevant stakeholders which, in turn, might be helpful to police and facilitate effective planning for future emergencies.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step blueprint and you’ll completely automate your active shooter response plan in no time. You won’t just save time either. When you follow our advice closely, you also ensure much faster and safer evacuations of your employees than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.

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Rahul MishraBäckerhaus Veit (Technology Manager)
...It was quite impressive to see how Stage2Data drove the whole process and how fast they got it done. In less than 4 hours, they had everything under control and the data recovered.
David TimpanyCanadian Securities Exchange (VP, Technology and Operations)
We are very pleased with the reliable service received from Stage2Data as well as their fast turnaround times in response to queries. 
Mubashar AhmedEnnis Fabrics (Information Systems Manager)
The team at Stage2Data was always available, and always came in with a can-do attitude. When unexpected results happened they didn’t flinch – each test was a chance to make changes and to learn from the kind of issues that we would encounter in a real-time scenario and so ensure future success. 

Minimize risk and potentially save lives By Using Our Blueprint To Completely Automate Your Active Shooter Response Plan

Time is of the essence since most active shooter events are over within 10 to 15 minutes. This means it will often be over long before law enforcement has arrived or could intervene which makes it even more important that those who are in charge of incident response in the event of an active shooter should be mentally and physically prepared to deal with the situation. Having an automated response plan can shave precious minutes off your response time gives you peace of mind that you will have the fastest possible response and evacuation plan and no employee will be put in harm’s way. It is a potential lifesaver and as such, it should really not be negotiable.

Converting your already-existing paper-based active shooter response plans can be much easier than you think. Are you ready to automate your active shooter response in the shortest time possible? Then book your demo while you still can.

Our Rock-Solid 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you join us at Stage2Data, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you completely automate your active shooter response plan within 3 days, we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us – no questions asked.