Who We Are

Founded in 2008 the principals of Stage2Data Inc. were instrumental in building the company Evault. Under their leadership and vision, Evault grew to a $70 Million company and was subsequently purchased by Seagate and renamed EVault, A Seagate Company. In recognition of Stage2Data’s position as the Backup and Recovery Experts, we were awarded North America’s first Elite Partnership. And now, we have been named the Master Distributor for Attix5, the premier, leading edge solution that dominates the EU and the UK market.

Where We’ve Been

1997 Stage2Data founders, Jeff Collier and Jacques Swanepoel are original Evault key contributors.
1997-2007 Evault experiences decade long, explosive revenue and technology growth.
2007 Evault sold to Seagate for $185M. Evault It is now EVault, a Seagate Company.
2008 Jeff and Jacques leave EVault and form Stage2Data.
2009 Stage2Data is named the first Evault “Certified Elite” Partner in North America.
2011 Attix5, an international leader in Disk to Disk, names Stage2Data the title of “Master Reseller Distributorship”.

Jeff Collier


Jeff is Co-founder and President of Stage2Data and is involved in setting business strategy, overseeing operations, actively participating in the Company’s corporate development efforts and generally driving customer value and satisfaction. Prior to starting Stage2Data Jeff was on the Executive team at EVault for 7 years. During his 9 year career with EVault Jeff was involved in many aspects of the business including Support, Development, Account Management and Sales. With Jeff’s unique understanding of the technology and sales side of the business he was tasked with building the Pre-sales Engineering team. As the Director of Pre-sales North America, his team thrived and was responsible for driving millions of dollars of revenue annually. Through innovative out of the box thinking he was responsible for mainstay solutions like, Dual Vault and Offsite Managed Services which elevated Enterprise Software Sales in excess of $15 Million prior to the acquisition by Seagate.

Jacques Swanepoel


During his 6 year tenure at EVault Jacques was the Senior Architect who was responsible for developing the IBMi (AS400) Agent. Jacques lead his team to develop the most successful agent next to Windows in production today. From its inception 6 years ago EVault’s IBMi agent has dominated the Disk to Disk world emerging as the leader for IBMi users switching from BRMS(Tape) to a disk based solution. Jacques was relied upon heavily by Sales to assist with growing and supporting the IBMi business. Through his efforts EVault attained 300+ IBMi clients and the agent was granted the distinction of being IBMi Server Proven. As a result of the success of the IBMi agent his team was tasked with development projects including: VMWare, Netware, AIX and high performance communications. In the process, Jacques acquired the following Patent (7,676,509). Jacques lead the ongoing development of the IBMi Agent for EVault. Stage2Data continues to provide IBMi development resources to EVault to enhance and maintain the IBMi agent. EVault has also requested Stage2Data to assist with RDR (Remote Disaster Recovery) solution for IBMi systems.