Network Recovery

NR as a Service


Stage2Data’s ISP status puts itself in a different league enabling a unique service which no one else in the market currently offers clients.

Being a certified Internet Connectivity Provider, in addition to normal Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and other backup and hosting offerings, we can now protect and recover your whole network infrastructure.

Part of the service is to respond to an interruption of network services during a man made or natural disaster. Internet access, voice and data and related network services get replicated in the secure Stage2Data environment and is almost instantly recovered so that business operations can continue as normal.

Cloud Provider Redundancy

To rely on only a single Cloud provider is like putting all your eggs in one basket. We find this to be the case with many organisations, a risk we believe one cannot afford.

In April 2011, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a significant outage which impacted a large region in the east of the United States where even big names like Hootsuite, Quora and Reddit were badly affected. Read more about this on AWS’ website. Although this case made headline news, similar events occur all the time on a smaller scale where organisations are left in the dark for hours without service. That is when the beauty of the Cloud can turn into a nightmare with real cost implications.

In order to reduce this kind of risk, Stage2Data is introducing Cloud Provider Redundancy, or CPR. This enables replicating (or mirroring) your data and services to a secondary Cloud provider where everything exists in two (or more) locations, readily available at all times. In the event where the primary Cloud service goes down, a secondary Cloud provider will take over full functionality. All systems, data and software will be accessible and business operations can continue to run as usual. Once the problem has been resolved, changes are synchronised from the secondary (backup) Cloud provider back to the primary Cloud provider until everything is restored back to normal.

Our Cloud Provider Redundancy solution can be compared with a full replication service in the Cloud. It introduces a new cost-effective approach to DRaaS and is much more affordable than traditional DR replication services. The CPR solution works with both public and private Cloud providers, it is scalable and 100% secure.

We are running a CPR special where you get your first month completely free.

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