DRaaS - Stage2Data


Hosted service protecting key servers and data with flexible pricing. 100% Capex, Opex, or a Hybrid

Is your data safe from disaster? Let us help you find out.


Role-Based Access Control, Vulnerability Scanning, SSL-VPN, Integrity Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Detailed Firewall, Log Events



 Canada’s most advanced network recovery options taking advantage of multi-carrier managed mesh network topologies.


Flexible Pricing options including: 100% Capex, 100% Opex or a mix to suit any organization’s needs.

Fully Managed Restoration Ensures Business Continuity and Peace of Mind at all Times. As Canada’s Premier Cloud Solution Provider we offer a robust Cloud Disaster Recovery that is a hosted service protecting your key servers along with your data. In the event of a site disaster our team of DR experts manage the recovery process and guide you through the process of gaining virtual access to our mission-critical servers. 24/7 support is included in the service.

  • Secure 100%
  • Multi-Carrier 100%
  • Encryption 100%
  • SSL-VPN 100%