What is VDI?

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VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure or virtual desktop interface. It’s a virtualization technique that allows users to access a virtual desktop. This desktop is hosted on a remote service via the Internet, and through it you can run desktop operating systems and application software virtually.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

McLean & Dickey Insurance Brokers

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Chris Gooding
McLean & Dickey Insurance Brokers
Orillia, Ontario,Canada

Install Attix5 backup software on five servers to provide secure offsite backup

Overview of Company:
McLean & Dickey is an Independent Insurance Broker specializing in Personal, Commercial and Marine Insurance with a staff of over 40 people,

Reducing Company Costs with Cloud Services

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Many companies are switching to cloud services as a way to reduce costs and are finding great success in doing so.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow you to store and manage data with ease, which will help to increase efficiency for even the most technologically challenged. Your company can save money by switching to cloud-based technology because it’s simple to use and it doesn’t require extensive training seminars to get your employees trained on how it works.

Backup Windows … Getting Unacceptably Long

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CTO BLOG – Jacques Swanepoel
Backup is all about recovery. As a CTO or IT Manager your eye is always on Backup Window. When it comes to the clock the hours between 6pm and 6am are the holy grail. The old standard with tape was to do full backups on the weekend. Now with Cloud backup we simulate full backups overnight, every night. But massive data growth is getting in the way of this ideal situation.