Benefits Of Having a Paperless Office

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While it might be difficult at first to transition your office to paperless from paper-based, the benefits will make the switch worthwhile.

Paperless Office Benefits

Yes, going paperless will help you to cut down on the waste of natural resources, but the environment isn’t where the benefits end. In fact, you’ll find that a paperless office can be good for your entire business in general!

Storage made easy

One of the chief benefits of a paperless office is that it makes storage easier. With a paper-based office, you’ll eventually find yourself with shelves or boxes filled with paper documents. You’ll not only have to sort through multiple documents to find what you want, but also have to find a place to store your growing collection of files.

However, a paperless office with a digital document management solution installed will help you to easily store your documents. All you’ll need to do is scan and electronically file them for easy retrieval. Furthermore, because these documents are scanned, you can easily send them electronically to the people who require them.

Keep the auditor happy

Depending on where you run your business, you may face stringent policies on records storage. If you have a paperless office equipped with a digital document management solution, you won’t have any problems with storing records. The solution, meanwhile, will seamlessly create the sort of audit trail that will ensure that you do not run afoul of the law governing record keeping.

Restrict access

With a paper-based office, it can be difficult or wasteful to securely store confidential documents. On the one hand, it can be difficult because of the effort required to keep paper records away from those who should not have access to them. On the other hand, it can be wasteful because you may have to dedicate an entire room, and secure it appropriately, to store documents.

However, a digital document management solution will house confidential files on secure servers. You can, furthermore, select who should have access to which files, which will make it easier to ensure that your confidential documents remain safe.

Pay now to save later

While there will be costs involved in implementing a paperless office, you might be surprised at how quickly you achieve a strong return on investment.

For instance, going paperless will allow you to save time and money since you won’t need to have someone file away, keep track of, and retrieve paper files. Automating these functions will also allow your company to be more efficient the workers on the payroll, and photocopier/printing costs can be eliminated by adopting a digital document management solution.

Indeed, there are loads of benefits associated with moving your office into the paperless era. Doing so will be good for the environment and good for business.

5 Ways To Prevent Lost Work In Your Office

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If you’ve ever lost work in your office, you understand how frustrating it can be.

Preventing Lost Work In The Office

Whether a report or an assignment or an office budget, lost or misplaced files can cause major headaches and have dire consequences to the business if it falls into the wrong hands. Fortunately there are things you can do to avoid such situations from occurring!

What follows is a rundown of five ways to prevent lost work in your office.

Back it up

When it comes to safeguarding work, saving it on a hard drive or thumb drive isn’t nearly enough. Any storage device can fail, which means that if you put all of your files on a single device, you run the risk of losing everything. Redundancy is the name of the game, so be sure to back things up on numerous storage devices.

Save it to the cloud

Another way to prevent lost work in your office- and likely the safest way to do so- is to put it in the cloud. Specifically, you can store any documents you want in the cloud or retain the services of a third party that can automate data backups for you. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about lost work in your office.

Opt for full-system backup

You’ll never lose important files if you opt for automated backups that at specified times save a copy of your entire hard drive to a secure environment. The advantage of going this route is that it is ideal when you need to duplicate lots of documents.

Document management software solution

Another way to prevent the loss of work at your office is to use a document management solution, which is a paperless option that offers a safe place to store documents. There are lots of service providers in the space that will allow you to manage your files more efficiently and can centralize documents for easy retrieval of documents as needed.

Project management software to the rescue

You’d probably be shocked at how many project management application options there are out there. Such solutions will provide a place to safely store your documents. Moreover, these tools facilitate teamwork and can be accessed remotely.

There’s no need to lose important work at the office now that there are quite a few options you can use to safely store or backup your work. Make use of one or more of the aforementioned strategies and kiss your work-losing days goodbye!

What is VDI?

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VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure or virtual desktop interface. It’s a virtualization technique that allows users to access a virtual desktop. This desktop is hosted on a remote service via the Internet, and through it you can run desktop operating systems and application software virtually.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

McLean & Dickey Insurance Brokers

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Chris Gooding
McLean & Dickey Insurance Brokers
Orillia, Ontario,Canada

Install Attix5 backup software on five servers to provide secure offsite backup

Overview of Company:
McLean & Dickey is an Independent Insurance Broker specializing in Personal, Commercial and Marine Insurance with a staff of over 40 people,

Reducing Company Costs with Cloud Services

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Many companies are switching to cloud services as a way to reduce costs and are finding great success in doing so.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow you to store and manage data with ease, which will help to increase efficiency for even the most technologically challenged. Your company can save money by switching to cloud-based technology because it’s simple to use and it doesn’t require extensive training seminars to get your employees trained on how it works.