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We’re proud of our preferred status among Canada’s largest Insurance Broker Associations. As Affinity Partners to the IBAO, IBANS, IBABC, IBAS and IBANB we provide cloud solutions that are tailored to your unique needs and budget. What sets us apart?

We have proven solutions that Insurance Brokers can implement easily and quickly.

To make it even more comfortable to move to the cloud, our team of insurance specialists is with you every step of the way.

Brenda Remy,  John Stark & Company

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“Our team showed up for work on a Monday morning and discovered unusual attachments on all the files on our server. It didn’t take long to be told by our off-site IT company that we had been attacked by ransomware. more…

Paul Taylor, Former Director of Operations, IBAO

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Paul Taylor, Former Director of Operations, IBAO reports on his experience on moving from tape to cloud based data backup and recovery with Stage2Data. He also gives insights into the benefits of working with the Oakville, Ontario based team at Stage2Data, an Infinity Read more

Randy Carroll, CEO of IBAO

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It was two weeks before the Ransomware virus that had crept into our system decided to show its ugly head and let us know that it was encrypting our Association’s data file by file. When we couldn’t access an important file, the full weight of our potential loss. Read More

Brian Petersen, BP Group

Tax, Accounting and Investment Services
No lost data for BP Group at Tax Time thanks to Brian Petersen’s backup decision.
Tax time. It can be stressful for everyone, accountants included. And when Brian Petersen, of BP Group Inc. Read More

Glenn Hall, Owner, Floyd Hall Insurance Brokers

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“For years we backed our own data up. It was a lot of extra work and we always knew it was not the most reliable method. When I had the opportunity to talk to Stage2Data about the possibility of moving data backup and recovery to them I was pleased with what I heard. Read More